Letters to the Editor

Bullying an Autistic boy should be a criminal act

I have to comment on the news story regarding the Ohio teen who has Autism and wanted to participate in the ice bucket challenge. This incident is the ultimate in bullying.To dump a bucket of urine, feces, and cigarette butts on this young man is just obscene.The teens that were involved in this should have criminal charges put against them.

Our society keeps talking about stopping bullying and it seems not too much is done about it. When will people realize that to hurt someone else to make yourself feel better is not the right thing to do?

I have a son with Autism, he is a blessing and a challenge all in one. Make no mistake that he has needs, wants and desires like everyone else. He laughs and cries like everyone else. This story made me cry and my heart aches for this young man and his trying to understand why someone would do that to him.

Educate yourselves about people with disabilities. They are not a target for someone. I have worked with special needs folks for over 40 years and find it very rewarding. Sad, very, very sad what these teens have done.

Bonnie Hogard