Letters to the Editor

Post signs with updates on lake, isthmus buildings

Local residents are now long accustomed to the sight of decaying buildings on the isthmus, and Capitol Lake filling in with silt and weeds. We know the sad story that after many years of debate, the state has not found a solution to these blights. However, newcomers and visitors to Olympia must be really turned off by these ugly sights so inappropriate to his once attractive capitol city, and wonder what is going on.

I therefore propose that prominent signs be erected.

At the isthmus buildings: These ugly city-owned buildings may be removed eventually come back in twenty years to see if anything has been done. Meanwhile, please visit the nice new city hall.

Near Capitol Lake: The once fine state-owned Capitol Lake is filling in with silt. The state cannot decide what to do about it. Come back in just a few years to see Capitol Marsh.

Seriously, posting on-site information about the current status and future plans for these important capitol city features would make good public relations sense. As it is, it appears no one knows or cares. The only lake information I have noticed is a display showing the original Wilder and Wright concept for Capitol Lake, so apparently this is still the state’s nominal intention, but is now being negated by lack of maintenance.

The buildings have no signs except “No trespassing.”

Stewart Gloyd

Thurston County