Letters to the Editor

Compromise with smaller Capitol Lake and estuary

The people of this area are green-thinking, meaning that we believe in preserving our natural resources and sustainability. We understand the reasons for and approve of taking two dams off the Elwah River and restoring the Nisqually River delta. We understand the value of a natural estuary for the health of the Deschutes River/Budd Bay ecosystem, but we all love Capital Lake. So, individual members of the pubic are conflicted.

Some criticize the Legislature for not making this decision for us. People that we elected could easily be un-elected by taking a position on this because we, the voting public, are conflicted. A compromise would be to build a levee with gently sloping sides that would support vegetation and a flat top for walking, to create a smaller Capital Lake. The new “walk around the lake” would be about 1 ½ miles. The levee would be build first and then the new lake bed scoured clean.

The lake would be gravity fed and continuously freshened with silt free water from above Tumwater Falls. Near pristine water would bring swimming back to Capital Lake Park. The levee and lake would separate downtown Olymipa from the smell of the estuary on hot days at low tide. Downtown businesses and the City of Olympia would benefit most by this idea, but a formal proposal would bring in the loud voice of the special interest group CLIPA, yelling it’s too expensive. That should be the decision of the tax-paying public.

Sally Trummert