Letters to the Editor

Basketball hoop, mural won’t solve the problem

I am increasingly frustrated with the City of Olympia’s approach to public spaces and to helping people who need more resources. I am writing in reaction to the Artesian Well site problem. I have not been involved other than to observe over time how efforts to change the space into something it is not have apparently backfired.

What this city seems to need is more money put toward social services and rehabilitation. Not a basketball hoop and some attractive chain link fencing. Start facing the reality of the economy and the local issues. For whatever reason there are troubled people that find refuge in the downtown area and nearby and $25,000 could go a ways toward helping them.

I have lived in Olympia for 25 years now and I tend to agree with the people who forsaw the problems that are happening with the Artesian Well location. Why not find out what we need to improve with the lives of people on the street rather than make the street more comfortable to lounge and cause trouble on?

I am increasingly less likely to spend my time and resources downtown as I feel as though I am not welcome. I am not against the impoverished or the addicted, I just think there could be more effort put into the fundamental concerns of our society rather than repainting a facade.

Tracy Farrell