Letters to the Editor

Annoying road stripswaste taxpayer collars

Has everyone become aware of the Braille strips placed well before a lot of the curves, schools, stop streets and God knows where else they’ll appear? I cannot imagine why they are necessary for the average driver in our county. We have many, many warning signs and arrows that have been effective for years, so why pray tell do we need these very annoying strips on our roads?

Maybe they are not placed there for the average driver. Maybe they are necessary for the driver that is under the influence of our state-sponsored pot? Or maybe for those who are texting or talking on their cell phone and those sets of two or three bars will shock them back into our real world?

I personally think it is a terrible waste of taxpayers’ money and should be stopped. Of course, our county road people will have tons of justification for placing those little bars on the roads because it keeps a f ew people working with stay-busy jobs.

Stan Meyer