Letters to the Editor

VA has shown no alacrity in resolving vet’s issues

In furtherance of Ken Jarrett’s letter to the Editor concerning VA’s mismanagement of VBA, I must say that I, too, have experienced the same problem with receiving my retroactive disability compensation from the Seattle Regional VA office. The increase in my disability rating was effective Dec. 18, 2012 and since that time, I have been waiting for my retroactive compensation.

I contacted Sen. Patty Murray’s office to see whether or not this could be resolved, however, after an inquiry, Sen. Murray’s staff was informed that those VA employees who normally preformed the accounting process such as auditing and processing retroactive compensation had been detailed to assist with processing the backlog of disability claims. I find this unacceptable and as Jarret stated a total disservice to veterans.

How many homeless veterans are waiting for their payments? Why does VA allowed to create another crisis in order to fix the one in which they mismanaged from the beginning? There seems to be empirical evidence that VA is allowed to get away with whatever they desire and not be held accountable for their actions. I really do not think that the new Secretary of VA knows what is occurring within his organization.

Gabriel Crumpton