Letters to the Editor

Shame on the city, PBIA to decorate sham of a park

The city council has spent $150,000 on making the Artisian Well site into a park. Now they will spend another $25,000 to put in a basketball hoop. Why is the city council so intent on entertaining the drug dealers, alcoholics and so-called homeless at this parking lot?

They have just created another pigs ear that no amount of money will turn into a silk purse, and they are using our tax money to do it. And now they will paint a creek on the asphalt while thousands of gallons of water just shoot right into the sewer all day.

And shame on the PBIA to continue to use the downtown businesses tax money to decorate this sham of a park. Who is this park benefiting? It certainly isn’t the taxpayers, or the downtown businesses. Where is the outrage?

Dana Scott