Letters to the Editor

America arms dealers are the enablers of terrorists

The Middle East appears to be complicated, and U.S. policy confused. But it’s really very simple. You only need to understand two rules.

One: No matter who American arms manufacturers sell billions of weapons to, the weapons end up in the hands of the most vicious extremists.

Two: U.S. arms merchants and their bankers don’t give a damn, as long as they make the sale.

We invariably end up fighting enemies whom we created, and who use our weapons. America armed and financed the Afghan resistance against Russia, who became Al Qaeda and the Taliban. We financed the “Sunni Awakening” in Iraq, and since 2012 we have covertly armed Syrian rebels via Libya and Turkey. These mercenaries became ISSIS.

This suits our arms manufacturers just fine. They arm both sides in perpetual war to feed America’s most lucrative industry. The U.S. sells more armaments to the world than the next seven leading arms-producing nations combined.

Terrorists wear black hoods and carry AK-47’s, but their enablers wear gray flannel suits, and hide behind mahogany desks on Wall Street.

Fred LaMotte