Letters to the Editor

AmeriCorps volunteers celebrate 20 years service

Twenty years ago, our nation started a new chapter in our proud legacy of citizen service. AmeriCorps represented a new way of getting things done: passionate citizens making an intense commitment to solve problems and improve the lives of others while expanding opportunity for themselves.

Since then, more than 34,000 Washingtonians have taken the AmeriCorps pledge. They have contributed in excess of 50 million hours of service and earned more than $118 million in Segal Education Awards. On Sept. 12, AmeriCorps will marked its 20th anniversary with 80 pledge ceremonies taking place in all 50 states including the state Capitol and the White House. Across the country, 75,000 raised their right hands and pledged to “Get Things Done” as members of the newest AmeriCorps class. In doing so, they are writing a new chapter in the American story of service, a story that defines us as a nation.

AmeriCorps members are symbols of hope and optimism wherever they serve, and represent the best qualities of our nation and its people. On behalf of Serve Washington, we thank AmeriCorps members for choosing to serve in Washington state.

Debbie Schuffenhauer