Letters to the Editor

What’s holding up city to finish West Bay park?

After years of meetings, surveys and scientific studies, Olympians constructed a grand vision for West Bay Park. Phase I was completed beautifully in 2010 opening the waterfront to Olympians and visitors. Any sunny day you’ll find couples, families, kayakers, dog walkers, and paddle-boarders enjoying the park. My daughter learned to ride her bike there.

Now it’s time to open the remaining 13 acres so all can stroll uninterrupted along the water to the great Percival Landing. Sunrises and sunsets could be taken in from both sides of West Bay. What’s the hold up? Is it a priority for the mayor, City Council and the Parks and Recreation Department? It should be.

I understand the need to secure additional parkland before it’s lost to development; however we have 13 acres of parkland now that is off limits to the public. How long will it be off limits? As a biologist, I understand the importance in cleaning-up and restoring the ecological conditions of the shoreline.

I call on all those great, dedicated soles who worked on the original vision to re-engage with other interested citizens and make this happen. I want my two, young daughters to experience up-close the migrating salmon, playful seals, feeding great blue herons, and circling eagles, osprey, and hawks- not a chain link fence with a No Trespassing placard.

I’m not sure what it will take, but each day that passes is one more lost to enjoying Olympia to its full extent.

Scott Hecht