Letters to the Editor

Valenzuela has a history of irresponsible decisions

Thurston County citizens have an easy choice for County Commissioner. I believe a person’s record and past accomplishments are a good indication of future actions.

Our current Commissioner Karen Valenzuela’s record presents a history of irresponsible management and personal agenda. She has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in making poor decisions such as building the empty jail, costing over $3,250,000 every year in bond payments/interest and basic maintenance. She is directly responsible for civil and property rights violations, being found guilty in court, which awarded $12,000,000 to her victims.

She has passed a Critical Area Ordinance with provisions to make property by virtually all land owners of unincorporated Thurston County almost unusable for personal use and farming. In my own case, attempted to deny allowing public access to state waters through my property, The Deschutes River Ranch on Rich Road.

The other choice we have is a man named Bud Blake. Blake is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, who was awarded the Legion of Merit, four Bronze Stars, four Meritorious Service Medals and three Army Commendation Medals. He has managed budgets over $2.2 Billion. He and his family have been long-term residents of the county.

Jon Pettit