Letters to the Editor

Domestic violence seen first-hand at Capitol Lake

This week, the media is filled with the NFL and the subject of violence against women. Yesterday, as I was taking my daily walk around Capitol Lake, I witnessed first-hand that violence.

I watched women’s clothing being tossed out onto the street, heard crying and then saw a woman punched. I yelled that I was calling the police and the woman came running out with all of her bags, crying and walking away. She sat down on one of the benches and I joined her to remind her of the resources in Olympia that are available to help her. She not only knew the location of each of them but also the times that they were scheduled to be open. She is a local girl.

I watched her walk away and saw her meeting with other homeless folks. I know she will return to this guy because she told me she loved him so much and I replied that I could see the evidence of it on her beautiful, young face which was red and bruised. Olympia is truly suffering.

Wendy Sorrell