Letters to the Editor

We’ll only end violence when men tell other men

Regarding the current focus on ending domestic violence. What on earth are we thinking?

The limited approach and response focusing on the NFL leadership is way short of addressing the real issue. Holding them accountable is needed, but it in no way addresses the systemic issues. The fact that the men in the locker room are not enraged by their fellow players’ actions is a louder statement than any corporate rule to be imposed.

When and only when, men tell other men that it is not OK in any way to do violence to women for any reason, will it become the long-needed new social norm.

Yell all you want at the leaders in the press, the real lead is happening in the locker rooms everywhere. That silent approval is hurting and killing our daughters, mothers, sisters and friends. The men doing these actions need to be stopped and helped.

Young Ray Rice could be a leader to a better world rather than becoming an iconic villain. I hope he does that. Imagine the impact on his own daughter, wow.

Howard Winkler