Letters to the Editor

Valenzuela deserves vote for another term in office

Thurston County is a rapidly growing and increasingly diverse community. The people we elect to represent us have the challenging and often thankless task of solving complex problems while striking a balance among a wide range of often competing interests and issue: rural and urban, economic and environmental, short term and long term.

County Commissioner Karen Valenzuela has consistently demonstrated a willingness to listen, the ability to find compromise and develop creative solutions, and the courage to provide the leadership we need. She deserves re-election to the County Commission.

Valenzuela has worked tirelessly to make Thurston County a great place. Her diverse background – planning commissioner, city councilmember and public health professional – gives her the knowledge and experience we need.

Her pragmatic and conservative approach to the county budget is saving taxpayers’ money. Her commitment to preserving farmland is essential for creating a more sustainable local food system.

It is precisely this type of leadership we need in order to create a vibrant local economy while addressing the significant challenges posed by climate change and a rapidly growing population.

TJ Johnson