Letters to the Editor

Why bother with election if court controls spending?

I see where the state Supreme Court has deceided they have the authority to order the Legislature how to spend money. I fail to find in the Constitution the part where it allows justices to set spending limits or to direct the Legislature how much they are required to spend.

And they are holding the Legislature in contempt. Really, which Legislature? The one from 2003? The one from 2014? Perhaps one from the ‘90s. Theatre is fun and keeps the voters from complaining. However, the only control on the Legislature is from the voters, not the courts. If the voters want changes they must vote for different representatives.

It is time for the usual circus where we re-elect the same people over again and expect different results. If I am wrong, and the judges actually do have the ultimate authority over the Legislature, why do we bother with elections?

Donald Penders