Letters to the Editor

Person is best candidate for county assessor job

The Thurston County Board of Equalization is a forum whereby taxpayers can submit arguments why they believe their property tax assessment is too high. On Aug. 25, I made a case before the board asking that my assessment for 2013 tax year be the amount that I had paid for the property in June of 2012 rather than value set by the assessor which was 42 percent higher for that year.

One argument made by the assessor’s office was that the interest paid on the three-year loan for my purchase be added into the value of the purchase thereby increasing my actual purchase price? The assessor is also using comparison sales on chain restaurants in Olympia and Lacey to set value on mom-and-pop restaurants in downtown Rochester. Restaurants drawing from population centers of 30,000-plus are not comparable to restaurants drawing from population centers of 4,000.

We need a change in the assessor’s office. We will be supporting Carol Person for assessor in November.

Larry and Judy Weaver