Letters to the Editor

U.S. must stop kicking at Middle East anthills

As a youngster, I used to watch the busy ants scurrying here and there along their worn paths and oblivious to me. When I got to feeling brave, I kicked an ant hill. Suddenly, the ants left their well worn paths and hundreds were all over the ground with many on me.

To date, since bin Laden’s work, there is no direct threat to the United States by terrorists on a major level. But if Obama continues to kick at that ant hill he will be giving them very good justification to attack our country on our own soil.

Pull the troops out of those countries, Mr. President. All of them. They’ve been fighting for eons and will continue fighting despite of all our good intentions, all the legs our veterans lose, and all the civilians they kill.

We will never win a war against terror. Quit kicking anthills, Mr. President.

Mike Carrington