Letters to the Editor

U.S. has never been moredecent, but can be better

Alex Wehinger, on 9/11/14 (how appropriate his timing), spoke out against the anti-women culture in the U.S., in a letter to this paper. My congratulations and thanks. Well said. May I add this, however: What is it that causes the social conservatives of our nation to behave so badly, to try so long and hard to turn back the tide of decency?

Well over 50 percent of American voters are women, and although a majority of women support social reform, women’s rights still are denied. If all women had the moral strength to vote against abuse, those abuses would soon disappear. If Democracy in the workplace is right, and forcing women to be pregnant against their will is wrong, if trying to prevent minority Americans from voting is wrong, where is the moral majority willing to eliminate these evils from America now?

What measure of selfishness causes opponents of decency and social reform to demand continuation of social repression in order that their prejudices be confirmed? What cowardice sustains the “don’t change the social order I benefit from because change frightens me” point of view.

I’m over 80 years of age, and am proud to testify that America today has never been a more decent and moral society. We can do even better, and will.

George Perry