Letters to the Editor

The advocates of war have financial interests

If TV talking heads are to be believed, we need to rush to war. While I appreciate the service that retired generals like FOX Military Analyst Jack Keane, Anthony Zinni and ex-officials like CNN National Security Analyst Frances Townsend might have given, I would appreciate knowing they have ties to military contractors, so I know where they are coming from when they talk about more weapons and more war.

Knowing that Keane is a special advisor to Acadami, formerly Blackwater, and a board member of military manufacturer General Dynamics where he earns a six figure salary, would be helpful. Knowing that Townsend works for MacAndrews & Forbes, which owns several defense contractors. One of them, AM General makes Humvees. So when she recommends increasing military involvement, she may be biased.

Knowing that the former head of CENTCOM, retired 4-star General Anthony Zinni is a board member of BAE Systems, one of the largest defense contractors in the world, helps me know where he's coming from.

Florence Vincent