Letters to the Editor

Women should rally votes to elect Karen Valenzuela

As a woman voter, I’m always enthused and supportive of other women who run for office. I ask that all women voters who live in Thurston County get behind a woman who cares about the issues that impact our citizens, our environment and the county’s economic development. She is Karen Valenzuela.

Valenzuela has been deeply involved in local politics for a number of years, first on the Tumwater City Council and now on the Thurston County Commission. Here’s why you should give her your vote: She’s willing to make tough decisions to improve services for all citizens.

For example, she updated the Critical Areas Ordinance which places limits on property development in ecologically-fragile areas such as wetlands, streams and rivers. She continues to take a leadership role working on the Shoreline Master Plan. This plan puts limits on development along our shorelines-Puget Sound as well as lakes, rivers and streams to protect them from runoff pollution.

As a woman, a mother and grandmother of two grandsons, I feel confident about sending Valenzuela back to the Thurston County Commission because she cares about sustaining what she has worked so hard for all these years.

Pamela Bergkamp