Letters to the Editor

I-594 proponents tell half-truths to sell bad law

Supporters of I-594 claim that after Missouri rescinded a background check law, that gun violence went up 17 percent relative to the rest of the nation. The source of this claim is a study published in the Journal of Urban Health from the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

It’s certainly an odd coincidence that Bloomberg is funding this initiative campaign as well as the studies to support it. Had the authors considered the previous five years then they would have seen that gun violence was initially 32 percent higher than the rest of the nation, after repeal it actually dropped to 17 percent.

People selling guns out of their trunks will likely never be prosecuted for the violence resulting from the illicit sale, despite what supporters claim. Their identity will remain unknown. Criminals will obtain guns through non legal means such as burglarizing homes, autos and businesses. Laws like this will likely increase these types of crimes.

If a gun is ever recovered at a crime scene, the police will likely find a gun that was reported stolen. Good luck finding the thief or the undetermined number of hands the gun passed through before being recovered.

M. Shawn Davis