Letters to the Editor

Komen is best choice for Mason County PUD seat

Mason County voters will have the opportunity this year to vote for an outstanding and qualified candidate for public office. At a time when many of us have lost confidence in our local officials, we have the chance to vote for a candidate that really wants to listen to us and give the citzens of our area an opportunity to be involved in the decision-making policies that affect the ratepayers of PUD 3 in Mason County.

John Komen has all of the qualities that we could ever hope for. Komen has executive experience, intelligence, education and the willingness to work with and serve all of us. He is a well-known former newspaper editor and manager, a supervisor of a larger number of employees, respected commentator, anchorman for King and Komo TV and a long time resident of Mason County. Komen has the skills, experience, and leadership that we need to take PUD 3 into the future. He will work for us.

Annette McGee