Letters to the Editor

He opposes any war, but will serve if he’s called

I was drafted back 69. We had a little war going with some folks called the Viet Cong. Well, I was a day late showing up so I thought maybe I’d get fired. No, they told me to go stand in line. I think I spent the better part of the next two years standing in line.

I never did support that war, or any war after. It always seemed foolish to me to think you can shoot someone and expect their sons, their daughters, their neighbors to call you friend. I guess that is just me. Those decisions are made by someone with a higher pay grade than mine.

If the President were to call me today and say I need you. I would tell him this, I’m 64 years old, my hip hurts, I can’t run, I don’t have much to give, but what I got I’ll give you. Where is the line?

Dick Seed