Letters to the Editor

Vote against Valenzuela for her missteps in office

I am disturbed by what Karen Valenzuela is doing after recently losing a very costly battle regarding the gravel mine, and $12 million is only the start. The county will be on the hook for the plaintiffs’ attorney fees which are being calculated.

Now while in the middle of negotiations with the Sheriff and the union she goes to The Olympian editorial board to say a deal is close to open the jail.

In the same issue, the sheriff said "this is very premature,” and he has chosen to honor the agreed upon rules of labor negotiations and not discuss portions of labor talks. The head of the union says "It’s a long way from anything at this point and time."

I am sure her statement is to make it look like they will get the jail open soon, just prior to the election, to help her chances of re-election. Why else does somebody go to the editorial board in violation of agreed-to negotiation rules. This supposed deal is coming four years after the jail was built.

She has her own agenda and it is not what the majority of the county should want. All three commissioners need to be replaced. Valenzuela is the first up for reelection.

Stuart Drebick