Letters to the Editor

Environment score showsTim Sheldon is no moderate

Self-styled Democrat Tim Sheldon promotes himself as the true moderate in his re-election contest against Democrat Irene Bowling, first-place winner in the August primary. Sheldon a moderate Democrat? Really?

Let’s look at his record. In several key areas, his performance this year would hardly qualify him as a moderate anything. According to VoteSmart, his 2013-14 score on environment was zero, and only slightly better on labor issues -- well outside the mainstream. As a turncoat, winning election as a Democrat and caucusing with Republicans, he changed the balance of power in the Senate, thereby thwarting the ability of government to respond to the needs of the people.

Mailings on behalf of Senator Sheldon from special-interest groups paint him as responsive to the concerns of his constituents and of average Washingtonians. He is certainly not responsive to our concerns for public transportation, renewable energy, responsible economic development, or quality education. Our Legislature has failed us because Sheldon and his like have undercut the efforts of hardworking colleagues.

Let’s replace him with Irene Bowling, a real Democrat with a passion for public education and legislating in the public interest.

Christine Garst