Letters to the Editor

Milne’s report on lake satisifes only the science

I am proud to know Dr. David Milne. His contribution of expertise to the Capitol Lake issue is invaluable to our environment and community. Milne has authored an excellent marine biology textbook. He is a distinguished Professor Emeritus of The Evergreen State College and has three decades of research experience analyzing Budd and Eld Inlet water quality issues.

Milne has issued a thoroughly constructed, peer-reviewed report stating unequivocally that Capitol Lake has a strong positive effect on water quality in Budd Inlet and is itself one of the most, and likely THE most, healthy lake in Thurston County.

Professor Milne has special interests in marine invasive species and ecosystem modeling and simulation, subjects critically important to this issue. Not only is he our community’s leading expert, he is likely the most accomplished and competent person anywhere in academia to understand the dynamics of Capitol Lake and Budd Inlet. He advocatesfor astute environmental and fiscal policy.

Importantly, he has no need to satisfy supervisors or constituencies and sees the lake as having a mutually beneficial effect on water quality and community.To him it’s all about making scientifically valid environmental choices which lead to meaningful outcomes. He is not popular with those clamering to remove the dam.

Joseph Beaulieu