Letters to the Editor

Tumwater mayor supports Valenzuela for commission

I am writing to urge you to vote for Karen Valenzuela as our Thurston County Commissioner. As the mayor of Tumwater, and a former City Council member for many years, I’m in the unique position of having worked with Valenzuela as both a council colleague and a County Commissioner.

She is well-studied, thoughtful and passionate about keeping Thurston County a great place to raise a family. I can say without qualification that our current commissioners have worked the best with our cities in the more than 20 years I’ve been an elected official.

Sure, we’ve had our disagreements, but we’ve worked through them in a civil, collaborative manner that is the envy of many other cities and counties throughout the state. This includes growth management, environmental protection, and transportation issues. We have dozens of agreements between Thurston County and the cities within the county to share services and responsibilities.

Governments that work well together save money and allow us to focus our limited resources and staff time on solutions rather than fighting with each other. So if you want efficient local government, join me this year in voting to re-elect Karen Valenzuela.

Pete Kmet