Letters to the Editor

He is supporting Yvonne Pettus for County Clerk

I have lived in the Lacey/Olympia area for over 41 years and have never publicly endorsed or supported a candidate for any elected office until now. I am supporting Yvonne Pettus for Thurston County clerk.

I have known Pettus for over 25 years. She is extremely intelligent, hard working, a person of unquestioned integrity and a consummate professional. She has over 30 years of experience working in the court system and was appointed as the Thurston County chief deputy clerk in 2012 when her opponent in this election was terminated from that position. While she may not be well-known in local political circles, she is well-known, respected, endorsed and supported by the majority of county clerks from around the state and has the overwhelming support of Thurston County officials and clerk’s office employees.

Please take time to review the qualifications of both candidates for this important office. If you do I think your choice will be clear. Pettus is by far the most qualified candidate and the clear choice.

Bill Curtwright, Olympia Police Commander (ret.)