Letters to the Editor

Blake brings leadership to commission campaign

Why does The Olympian editorial board continue to endorse Karen Valenzuela while exposing some of her actions and characteristics that are clear warnings of future issues that may surface by keeping her as a County Commissioner?

They say that Bud Blake is too inexperienced; however, that only indicates that he has not been a career politician. Bud Blake will bring his extensive leadership and management experience to the County Commission. This is a change that is desperately needed to start bringing fiscal responsibility, economic growth, and true representation back into our county.

Valenzuela’s cavalier attitude about the $12 million lawsuit is enough reason to vote her out of office, but it is only one issue. The plastic bag ban is another ordinance imposed on the people. This includes not allowing biodegradable bags and imposing a mandatory 5-cent charge for paper bags.They are trying to manipulate people into using reusable bags, which can inject significant public health risks into our county from unclean reusable bags.

Bud Blake offers the extensive leadership and management capability that is desperately needed within the Thurston County Commission; it is time to make this positive change.

Jim Goldsmith