Letters to the Editor

Vote for the dynamic trio of women in District 35

Kathy Haigh, Tammy Newton and Irene Bowling are a dynamic trio that stand for common sense legislation that will make a difference.

Infrastructure - roads and bridges; Environment - carbon tax, solar energy; education - obey the Supreme Court ruling; balance the budget - by closing loop holes and giving tax breaks to corporations that are doing fine without it. Make them pay their fair sure of the tax burden to the state.

Think what their opponents Griffey, McEwen, and Sheldon will they vote for: remove programs that benefit citizens and the less fortunate; lower budgets for state agencies, which they already have done to prevent no new taxes; they will have to raise sales tTax, who does that hurt the most? You and I.

Make your choice Kathy, Tammy and Irene or Griffey, McEwen and Sheldon. What kind of state do you what to live in?

Earl Mallinger