Letters to the Editor

Hard-working Pettus best candidate for county clerk

Yvonne Pettus is running for Thurston County clerk. The clerk can best be thought of as the administrative and financial officer of Thurston County Superior Court.

Pettus is the chief deputy clerk. She is endorsed by Betty Gould, the current county clerk, many county clerks throughout Washington State and a host of people familiar with the court system and the county clerk’s office. Pettus is uniquely qualified for this office because of her broad knowledge of the state court system, her unparalleled understanding of the latest trends in court management, her experience in managing a large court (Tacoma Municipal Court), her years of experience at the forefront of innovative statewide court reform (working for the state Administrative Office of the Courts), and her strong technical and computer system knowledge.

Pettus is well educated, really smart, and above all, incredibly hard working. She is always in the office early and often the last to leave. If you are at all concerned about how your tax dollars are being spent, rest assured that you would more than get your money’s worth if you elect Pettus.

Julia Appel