Letters to the Editor

Recycle denial could land county in another lawsuit

The Olympian never ceases to amaze me concerning its candidate endorsements. This time for County Commissioner Karen Valenzuela, even though they point out some serious decision-making flaws in her judgments as well as the often perceived lack of connection and high-handedness in dealing with constituents.

We need a change on this board now, in my view. Why? The recent $12 million dollar civil judgment for engaging in inappropriate conduct in using questionable environmental tactics to block a gravel mine down in Maytown. Now, Valenzuela is at it again down in Nisqually Valley with Lakeside Industries, refusing to allow this good neighbor an environmental review of a proposed asphalt recycling component to operate at Lakeside’s existing asphalt plant.

The hazard of significant litigation is on the horizon here too. Besides, let’s remember that Lakeside is one of the few living wage employers left in this county. Are you going to run them out too? Remember Richie Brothers Auctioneers down in Maytown, now relocated in Lewis County.

I think the administrative experience of retired Lt. Colonel Blake is sorely needed on this County Commission right now.

Remi Hansen

East Olympia