Letters to the Editor

Stick with experience for County Commission

Despite everything you hear about the uptick in the economy, it is still hard times for many in Thurston County. In these difficult times, we need experienced leaders at the helm. Karen Valenzuela has that experience.

As a public health worker, a Tumwater City Councilmember and almost six years as a Thurston County Commissioner, Valenzuela has the experience and knowledge to guide our county government with practicality and intelligence. Her record demonstrates strong leadership and concern for a common sense balance between urban and agricultural lands.

This letter would be incomplete if I did not point out that her opponent, while having military experience, has never held public office. He has no record of public activism or leadership and has been a registered Thurston County voter for little over a year. He does not appear from his public statements to have a good grasp of county issues.

In these difficult economic times, I urge voters to stick with proven leadership and experience.

Sherri Goulet