Letters to the Editor

Some candidates did not accept corporate money

After 18 years as an organic farmer, a farm activist passionate about protecting our food supply and preserving farmland, and now as a local artisan food producer, it was encouraging to have people to vote for who accept no corporate money. I started organic farming because I didn’t want corporations making my food choices.

But this letter is not about me but about Bud Blake, Carol Person, Steven Nielson and Michael Savoca, the new frontier in politics as they are not owned by anything other than their own principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Regardless of whether these candidates won or lost, they not only won in my eyes, but I know they will still be out there as champions of a restored Republic. Bud Blake did win and will be our new Thurston County Commissioner for District 3. Time for a cool change in Thurston County.

We no longer have a two-party system, just one party with two heads working together toward their own self-interests. Anytime you vote, think out of the box and vote out of the box, unless you are satisfied with the status quo. I know I’m not, and I am in action doing something about it.

Susie Kyle