Letters to the Editor

Lakeside knew they could not recycle in Nisqually

Not in my backyard. This is in regards to Lakeside industries latest attempt to have a law changed with total disregard to county law as it stands now. The people of Nisqually have watched over the years as the county has spent vast amounts of money to keep the unique Nisqually Valley the rural setting everybody enjoys.

A lot of Olympia’s drinking water comes from our pristine water table. Lakeside Industries decided years ago to build an asphalt plant at the Holroyds gravel mine. It was a much longer struggle for them than they anticipated due to the Friends of Nisqually concerted effort. Lakeside did get to install a asphalt plant after many court battles with the one major stipulation that recycled asphalt cannot be used in their production. This was done knowingly by Lakeside and they have been fighting this stipulation ever since.

This is all about the cost of production and their bottom line. Lakeside wants to store recycled shingles in large quantities over our water table. Maybe the people of Thurston County would like to store this material in their backyard?.

Blaine Firch