Letters to the Editor

Americans help others, so raise minimum wage

Despite the election results, we are still Americans and we have always, at least during my life time of 70 years, held our hands out to help those who needed help. The cost of living has made several jumps, but the minimum wage has not kept pace with today’s economy. So many people find themselves having to make choices that are extremely detrimental to themselves and their families. In this, the greatest nation on earth that is a travesty.

I look at government as the tool of the people, not just another company. As we see over and over again, the large corporations who are making millions and billions in profit each year can more than afford to pay their workers a little more but steadfastly refuse to do so because of greed and power.

It’s time we move on in a manner befitting this great nation and get back to doing what is right for us all.

Roy Munroe