Letters to the Editor

Candidates for office urged to share vision

For Democracy to work, we voters must have a choice. That means having people who are willing to step up and run. Next year will be city council races. They’re not as glamorous as some other offices, but they’re every bit as important.

Local government decides how long it’ll take police officers and firefighters to get to your house, whether your sidewalks and streets get repaved, whether street lights get replaced, and what will get built next door. Perhaps these aren’t “sexy” issues, but they’re important issues that impact our lives every day.

For those who are willing to serve our community this way, please run. You’ll have this person’s gratitude, as well as the gratitude of everyone who wants democracy and a choice. Please send an e-mail to eastbay4@comcast.net expressing your interest and briefly what you want to bring to “good government” efforts in 2015 and your sought-after results.

Jeffrey J. Jaksich