Letters to the Editor

Bought election starts an economic revolution

Analysts flood the media after an election. Negative focus on the president is the result of a careful strategy and a great deal of dark money. Americans now have a well-bought government.

The president is no more arrogant than Mitch McConnell. Nor is he a child to be told not to play with matches by the Speaker of the House. It was the leaders in Congress who decided to make this president a failed executive. Shrewd strategies, a great deal of money gave Republicans the election, but no noticeable policy agenda is visible. Inequality is still a serious global issue. Seats were won, yet minimum wage laws passed in several states. Several conservative states continue to like the Affordable Care Act. The deficit is down, the economy is improving though not for rural areas. Oligarchs understand that inequality is a threat to them.

Yes. Good things happened in the days of Tip O’Neal, but those times are gone. What really emerged in this election was the beginning of an Economic Revolution.

Martha J. Pierce