Letters to the Editor

U.S. executes more people than ISIS, more painfully

The US is bombing Iraq and Syria because ISIS beheaded a few individuals. However, the U.S. actively supports other nations that practice the death penalty, and the U.S. itself executes more people than nearly any other nation on earth.

The U.S. curries favor with our No. 1 business partner, China, which is the world’s top executioner.

Since 1976 the US.. has executed 1,391 persons. Texas executed the most (518). California has the most on death row awaiting execution (745). Washington State has executed 5 at our prison in Walla Walla. (Gov. Inslee’s moratorium merely suspended executions without repealing the law.)

Nationwide, 147 persons had to be released from death row because they were innocent. Florida and Illinois each had to release 20 innocent persons from death row. Also, some innocent Americans have been executed in the U.S.

ISIS executed a few persons, but the U.S. has killed many, many more – including 100,000 innocent Japanese people whom we killed with nuclear weapons, and millions of innocent Southeast Asians and other people in Central America and many other countries – often with methods far more painful than beheading.

If the U.S. thinks bombing is the appropriate remedy for executing people, would the U.S. bomb Texas, California or Walla Walla – or the Pentagon?

The rest of the world sees hypocrisy.

Glen Anderson