Letters to the Editor

Commissioner forgot she was a servant of the public

The common thread of all great leaders is the attitude of servitude to those they lead. All too often people who aspire to and seek public office, start with an aspiration to serve the needs of others, then when entrusted by the people become drunk with power and elevated self-image, forgetting the purpose they sought the positions originally.

Elections can and should be humbling experiences, in that they often speak of the public’s viewpoint of how they are treated and cared for by those they entrusted previously.

This is what happened in the Thurston County Commissioner race: a removal of politician who believed she no longer needed to serve the people, but the people needed to be servants of her. Karen Valenzuela was the only commissioner up for re-election, but the others need to be removed as soon as possible.

Thurston County is suffering from mismanagement and current leadership under Sandra Romero and Cathy Wolfe. They were equally responsible for the disaster created by the misconception they were rulers over the people. Now that the people have spoken, maybe they will find the moral compass to resign from office, and allow others to serve the public.

Jon Pettit