Letters to the Editor

Capitol bridge needs a three-foot extension

It is sad that a person uses the bridge to take their own life, and very hard on the surviving family members.

Most people are over five feet tall. Your arms are three feet in length. So with that distance a person has coverd eight of the eight-and-a-half foot height and can still throw something over the top of the fence. A person can use the holes in the fence to climb to the top and fall to the highway below.

Why didn’t the city engineer use common sense and add another three foot extension and angle it back toward the street? Now a person would have to reach out to the end of the three-foot extension and do a pull-up to get over the top and fall to the highway below.

And how many people are going to call the Crisis Clinic to talk to someone before taking their own life?

Dale R. Van Kirk, Sr.