Letters to the Editor

People no longer see both sides of an issue

Burt Guttman’s letter discussing our government becoming a plutocracy serves as a perfect example of the real problem with not only our elected officials but the electoral in general. He is correct that most only watch one news source, listen to the Daily Show and think they watched the news, and have more knowledge about the “Real Housewives” than they do about the officials they just voted for.

What his letter shows is that the vocal minority we have become as a society is so partisan they spout off at the wrongs without acknowledging the good from the other side or the wrong on their side.

For anyone that has no idea about politics they would read Guttman’s letter and think Republicans were the problem. The left is just as guilty taking campaign money and it is interesting that unions not only spend as much as corporations do to buy their politicians, but the unions only buy Democrats to do their bidding unlike the evil corporations that give some to Democrats.

It isn’t just Republicans who are bought by corporate money, but just about every politician that is elected, with a few exceptions. But I agree that things aren’t going to get better until we start electing true representatives of the electorate instead of bought-and-paid-for career politicians.

I just wanted to point out that views like Guttman’s that are one-sided are not in the best interest of the people either.

Phil Demme