Letters to the Editor

Tune into Karaoke Oly, it rivals network singers

Are you aware of the hidden gem of programming that is provided through our local TCTV? The Voice and American Idol are truly put to shame. My spouse and I sat down for a romantic evening of local arts programming and were mesmerized by the captivating collection of talent shared in Karaoke Oly.

We could not turn away in anticipation of the next act. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a genuine arts spectacular. The colors and scenery employed through their technical mastery are a feast for the eyes. Although a few vocal experts may deem the talent pitchy, the heartfelt music harkens to an age that we can all identify.

Viewers will assuredly develop a familiarity with the regulars of Karaoke Oly in the same way our grandparents bonded with the folks featured on the Lawrence Welk Show.

Mark Knutson