Letters to the Editor

I-1351 sent a message to the state Legislature

Your Nov.16 editorial asserting that voter ignorance of spending and taxes was to blame for the passage of the class size measure, Initiative 1351, was insulting and not befitting The Olympian. In fact, The Olympian editorial board has a rich history of calling for increased government spending for early childhood education, K-12 schools, community colleges, four year universities, mental health services, public safety, state parks, etc. all without identifying specific funding sources for such investments.

Why? Clearly, The Olympian editorial board is sending a message to lawmakers that these services need greater support to improve the standard of living for citizens in our state. Similarly, voters who supported Initiative 1351 were sending a message to the state Legislature that allowing public school classrooms to get so crowded so that we rank of 47th out of 50 states is shameful.

Supporters of Initiative 1351 are in good company. After all, our state Supreme Court justices have sent the same message as have seemingly dozens of Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission members, editorial board writers and previous class size initiative supporters. Your editorial appeal for greater support for civics education is a fine idea but perhaps those funds could be devoted more usefully to leadership training for our state lawmakers.

Peter Rex