Letters to the Editor

An unserious IRS probe by an unserious person

RE: “Tax-exempt status of Olympia-based think tank under challenge by channeler JZ Knight,” (The Olympian, Nov. 16, 2014)

Accusations are like … um, noses. Everybody has one. In JZ Knight’s case, she spouts a lot of noise about the Freedom Foundation but doesn’t have a single legal victory to show for it. And this case will be no different.

Just because she can afford to pay a lawyer to file a specious complaint doesn’t mean the IRS will take it seriously. Does the Olympian publish stories about every IRS complaint, or just those that involve organizations it doesn’t agree with? If the reporter who wrote the story had actually read through the entire odious complaint, he’d have realized her whole argument comes down to the Freedom Foundation not criticizing Democrats as often as it does Republicans.

Here’s a scoop: It doesn’t have to. Being nonpartisan doesn’t mean abandoning our ideological compass. The Freedom Foundation was created to advance the goals of free enterprise and smaller, more transparent government. And as it happens, Republicans are better on those issues than Democrats. Consequently, most of our praise is reserved for Republicans. Most, but not all.

As a nonprofit, we cannot and do not contribute to or work for candidates of either persuasion. But nothing prevents us from expressing opinions when someone falls short of the mark. We understand the law perfectly, as does the IRS. JZ Knight and her mercenary attorney, not so much.

Jeff Rhodes