Letters to the Editor

Blighted, unsafe building a danger for community

I have been watching the rot of what used to be a warehouse for the Olympia Brewery, then was leased for a while by The Amanda Corporation. After they abandoned the building, the roof collapsed, the walls are still standing but emergency services personnel have been warned that it is unsafe to go inside due to the danger of collapse.

Still those of us who live in the area know that many vagrants now live in there. Having them close by has raised the number we see roaming the streets here in East Olympia these days, and crime has gone up. This building, or what remains of it, is very noticeable at the intersection of Rich Road and Rixie Road. Recently we have seen a lot of dumping of garbage there, and then the graffiti started showing up. Anyone who understand the “Broken Window Theory” knows that when you allow things to start happening and nothing is done, they increase.

It’s time for someone to do something about the situation. The remains of the building should be taken down, and the property needs to be cleaned up. If something isn’t done soon, this will only become a bigger problem, or we may end up with a mass casualty when the building collapses on the people living in there. Who will be responsible for that?

Randy Young

East Olympia