Letters to the Editor

Busy student crosswalk safer with a streetlight

Every day I bike one mile to Nova Middle School. Last month, I arrived at the intersection of Henderson Blvd. and Carlyon Avenue SE at about 7:40 a.m. to see a kid sitting, stunned on the ground after being hit by a car. We got there minutes after the collision. The kid who was hit was just a regular high school student biking to school. It could’ve easily been me or my sister.

The intersection of Henderson Blvd. and Carlyon Avenue SE is right next to Pioneer Elementary and Olympia High School and just a few blocks from Washington Middle School. A recent city traffic count estimates over 6,100 vehicles go through this junction daily. Henderson Blvd. leads to a convenient Interstate-5 entrance. People travelling from new housing developments in SE Olympia and Tumwater go through this intersection to get to the highway. These cars are not driving slowly, and are often hurrying to work during rainy conditions.

Recently, a crossing guard was stationed at the intersection in the morning. While this helps, I think we need a permanent solution. Parents and kids want a traffic light installed. A nearby intersection (Henderson and North) already has a light. A second light would would be much safer and ease the worries of many citizens.

Olympia needs a long-term solution at this busy intersection. Lives are at stake and something needs to be done.

Abby Burtner