Letters to the Editor

Olympia takes flight with birds downtown

Thank you to whoever is putting the colored birds up around downtown. You can see the medium-sized, bright and colorful birds scattered all along bike trails, sides of building, and throughout the alleyways. You are doing the community a wonderful service, and I appreciate you doing it anonymously, as it makes them more personal.

The birds add flair to our town, and a bit of color to drab buildings. I pass them regularly as I commute by bike, and each time it makes me smile. I’m so glad that someone is making the effort to add beauty to our town.

Please continue to add your little bit of merriment to every building. It’s inspiring to see a new art form, something beautiful, tangible and non-permanent, something to be appreciated only while it’s there, something to add to someone’s day, making the gray skies colorful again, and reminding me of spring.

It’s such a little thing, but something wonderful to look forward to.

Echo Martens