Letters to the Editor

Disband CLIPA for its misinformation campaign

The barrage of misinformation from the Capitol Lake Improvement and Protection Association (CLIPA) is exhausting. Yet again, Jack Havens inflates the cost of estuary restoration and denies the benefits to salmon.

The Army Corps of Engineers ranked Deschutes estuary restoration as one of the top 15 priorities out of thousands of potential projects for the Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project, which could provide 65 percent of the costs through federal funding. This ranking is based on feasibility, cost effectiveness, community support, and ecological value. Department of Ecology concluded that the dam is the main cause of low dissolved oxygen, a Clean Water Act violation. Dissolved oxygen is necessary for salmon, and the Squaxin Island Tribe found that salmon from as far north as the Green River (Seattle) come down to use our inlet as a nursery.

Havens claims to be backed by the most knowledgeable and experienced academics, but he is only backed by one former Evergreen professor who refuses to listen to science and reason. In March 2014, to the Alliance for a Healthy South Sound, Havens stated, “If at any time CLIPA was undermining smart and effective environmental strategy, we would call for the immediate disbanding of the organization.” I ask: What is your process for making this decision? How are you accountable to the public?

For the sake of ethical decision-making and moving forward, I call for the disbandment CLIPA, a special interest group who has mislead the public and policymakers for too long.

Abigail Blue