Letters to the Editor

County must not reward few at expense of many

It’s interesting how some letters to the editor are thoughtful about the current County Commissioner efforts, including Karen Valenzuela’s. Other letters denigrate the same people and efforts. The negative folks would like to replace the rest of the board, as was done with Valenzuela.

The commission has a huge and varied task. They, including Valenzuela, have served well. There are outside pressures that can nullify or set back the best of efforts. It is easy, with so many issues and circumstances, for a few things to fall through the cracks. It requires a large learning curve to know what is truly important to the county. They have not made decisions in a vacuum, but have relied on county employees, on volunteer task forces and on public input. With this help and their own experience they have done well in these tough economic times.

Bud Blake may have an agenda to give special attention to those who generously funded his election. Maybe not. Either way, he is the new kid on the team, a rookie. That last sentence is a fact, not a put down. To do well by the county, he must learn what the issues are in the county and do his best to make the best decisions that do not reward some at the expense of many.

Howard Glastetter